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Concept of the Memorial monument

Posted on January 20, 2015, by , under Blog, Portfolio, Studio.

The concept was developed for the Memorial Monument open competition from the Ministry of Interior, Afghanistan.

To pay our respect to the memory of those Police Officers which has been taken from us during defending this country against terrors, building a memorial monument is an appreciated step towards honoring our police officers.

The height, sizes and materials could be optional especially size and height of the monument which is directly related to the location where it is going to be develop, and the building surrounding area.

The materials are as per the concept, is RCC and Steel Structure.

The two main structure (showing below) coming together is resembling the hands which is the sign of protection from our police officers to the society, a ring has been design around the hands is a sign of society which is playing a very important role by having cooperation with the Police officers. It is very clear and obvious that a society has 70% important role of keeping the day to day life secure with the help of Police officers.

The structure which resemble the hands are 4 in numbers and a pipe at the center which is higher than the rest of the monument that holds the ring with wires from up and down. The pipe resembles courage of our Police officers in the society and as it holds the ring that shows the direct cooperation of society with Police in regard to makes the society a safer place for a better life.

3D models & Conceptual sketch:


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Digital sketching

Posted on February 27, 2014, by , under Blog, Portfolio.

I have tried my best to learn good and best techniques for my drawing and sketching skills, after doing the manual sketching with different sketching materials, today’s technology made me trying the digital art or digital sketching.
First I started my digital sketching experience with a sketching pad called BAMBOO, then Samsung released the phone called Note II,  and now I am using Samsung Tab 3 8″ with a styllus to sketch on it.

It is my pleasure to share my digital sketching with you, please do feel free to comments on any of them. here in this post or in the Scrapbook.


Thank you


Jawed Amir



Music & Dance Academy

Posted on November 12, 2011, by , under Portfolio.

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Time Problem

Posted on November 12, 2011, by , under Portfolio.

As far as I remember that this time problem has been given to us by our respective faculty of design in my 3rd year of college. I think they gave us one day time for this time problem to get complete and submit to them.

Its a hostel for college students.



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Posted on February 13, 2011, by , under Portfolio.

Imagine it then create it.

Pick up your pencils think and draw a line or anything you think of, and put all emotions of your thoughts and that a single line and whatever you draw will be a master piece.

There is not standard or no rules to follow in art, you must learn the basic and then create your own way of doing your art nobody has that much knowledge or has the right to stop or to point out anything from your art because Art is a way which no one can reach to its end of that. So lets just play with our thoughts and bring those thoughts on a paper and show that anyone on this earth is gifted.

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