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New Year Message!

Posted on January 3, 2012, by , under Blog, General.

… there are things that couldn’t learn in school and college. No one can even teach you, they comes with maturity by the time. some people are so immature that they don’t even accept that,
People they think they are cool but the mirror always laugh on them,
People they think everything start and end by their name where names itself ashamed of them,
Some think that they are the master, where no one is,
Once you put I in your attitude that will destroy you to the core,
Money goes and comes, never dance over that for having it,
Be good, Be harsh, Be bad with the concern person,
Love may become a funny word nowadays between us but its still God favorite,
People so scare of sharing that they stop themselves from doing it,
Some may laugh some may cry but we are still Nothing…
… Tomorrow may be there or it won’t come at all …
… Today may give result by tomorrow but what If I am not there…
… … there are a lot to say and write … but what if there is no one to listen and read it.

You, I may not be at all the same. right! but what is humanity all about then?

Sense in your work will not be thought in any school in this world, it has to grow and come up with your growth of maturity,

Work may be a passion, need, or hobby but it depends on you what is your work means to you?,

You may hate me but do I hate you?

You may listen to me but do I really want to talk?

People start their life from point A and reaching point B is not at all easy,

People fails in many things in life, that doesn’t bother me at all or that will never effect the respect or love which I have for them… but what feels bad that not trying to success in that particular task,

Hope and faith, these are the two things which most of the people are alive on believing in it…

… A message can be a word, sentence, or a emotion but here my messages took me to write this much of words and try to make myself clear about what I want to say. You may have only today, this hour, or this minute, what you gonna do in this time that really count.

… I wish you all a very happy new year and a life full of happiness and love with your family and friends …


3 Replies to "New Year Message!"


contact.mirwais  on September 12, 2012

My dear lil brother.
Awesome and creative words brother.
I am really proud of you.
May Allah keep you always successful and healthy.
Afghanistan is proud of you brother.


Brand design  on September 26, 2012

Excellent post. Thumbs up!


Jawed Amir  on September 26, 2012

Thank you so much Buddy, I am proud of you too we all do.
Love and Regards.
Your brother (Jawed Amir)

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