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Name: Jawed Amir

DOB: 13th of March

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I am an Afghani. I have lived in Afghanistan (Kabul,Helmand, and Herat) all my life. I have grown up here, studied here. I’ve played hard and rough through my years at Inqelab High School. I have very few friends but best friends.

As a student was not so bad in school, could call me an average student. Passed very few times but failed more than I passed. I was in road skating team for my school and had pretty good time and memories. Played football all my school time, I love football and still do.

I was always admire sport specially football and Taekwondo. I can say that my whole life till now kept me busy with these two sports. I did my schooling there, and I did my college in B.Arch and graduated from Sri Venkateswara College of Architecture affiliated to JNTU ( Jawharlal Nehru Technology University) in Hyderabad, India.

Currently working as an Architect and Urban Planner in DCDA (Dehsabz-Barikab City Development Authority).

9 Replies to "About"


Nazish Abid Hussain  on May 1, 2011

awsme yrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
keep it up.


Jawed Amir  on October 30, 2011

thank you Nazish.


Khalil Poya  on December 25, 2011

Dear Jawed Amir, this is quite impressive your works, very nice topics and designs.

I am also in 5th yr B.Arch, in Pune,Sinhgad College of Architecture.

few ppl i know in here coming for Architecture, with you it comes to 7ppl in india.

happy finding more abt you.


Jawed Amir  on December 28, 2011

sallam Poya sahib… khuda kuna ke jor o salamat bashi wa da darshaye college kamyab rafta bure….. nice to hear from and thanx for stopping by and writing this to me so kind of you. Oh is it? 7pp is very very less :( i am actually sad not sad but hurt… Cause Afghan people really need to know the differences between civil and Architecture which unfortunately very less amount of afghans have knowledge about these two…
all the best for the further studies and life.
Jawed Amir


keerthi  on February 20, 2012

hai,urs project s nice yar…say somethg abt ur meditation hall design…


Jawed Amir  on February 20, 2012

thank you. meditation hall, well it was my third year design studio work in college. the design problem was a holiday resort, and this meditation has to be a part of this resort.the pic is not so nice, i took it with a very bad quality camera but still wanted to share.


kanak  on July 4, 2012

very nice…about u and about ur projects …such a lovly designs…


sadaf ali  on April 27, 2014

thanku jawed now ican take in this college


Jawed Amir  on January 23, 2015

I am glad that find something helpful here, thank you.

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