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Archive for July, 2011

After 2 and Half years

Posted on July 13, 2011, by , under Blog, General.

Went to Afghanistan in month of May and was there till end of June. I went to Afghanistan after 2 and half years and the moment I putted my first step out of the Kam Air plane on the Ground of Kabul International Airport, felt the cool breeze of Kabul and the temperature was 25C. I was still in the line where all the people were waiting to get the entry stamp on their passport when my turn came the officer searched for my name in computer in his cabin but as per him I was not there and then he asked me to join him in his cabin and identify myself because when he searched my name in his system there were 3 more photographs came under my passport no. and that creates an issue for me and for him. I saw myself among those photo in his system and in this situation he forgot to put entry stamp on my passport and even I run away like that. :D

I went to my uncle house which is near by Airport, Dad was also there he came that day morning to Kabul from Herat City because of some family issues, met them all and was in Kabul for almost 10 days and then me and Dad went to Herat City and met mom and brother. Had a great time with brother and family after a long time, Herat City was having a warm climate and a burning sun during days and during evening the weather was awesome with a speedy wind blow. After few days we were ready with preparation for Brother’s Marriage in Kabul so Mom and Dad went to Kabul, me and brother left alone at home because we were supposed to go to Kabul 2 or 3 days before the marriage, and here at home also had lots of work to be done before we leave like making groom’s room and his bed with all those decoration and cleaning the house. :D

We went to Kabul and there was fun cause all our family friends and relatives were there at my uncle’s house and all were too much busy in singing and having fun out there, as we reached there then I suppose to go after my sister and her mother in law they were at my other uncle’s house which is very far, I went with my uncle there and then from there back to my sister’s house and from there taking sister with my back to my uncle’s house where I was before where all the relatives are gathered. The next day all the female category of my relatives were suppose to go to bride’s house and I went with them in a bus.. .haha .. yes in a bus, We came back by evening. The day was just amazing and fun, the next day me and brother has to go for shopping so we went and we did our shopping and took appointment for a saloon for tomorrow in Gulbahar Center (one of the newest and awesome Shopping center in Kabul and yes a costliest ;) ). The next day we went for saloon in the afternoon cause the wedding was going to start in the evening by 5:00 and the groom, bride, and others who went with bride to saloon which were the reception people so they has be to be there in wedding hall before people start to come, thanks to all we were on time. The wedding started and people started to come where I saw many of my dearest friends out there and thanks to all of them who came to that wedding.

The wedding was till 1:00 or 2:00 am then we went to uncle’s house which was near by wedding hall and we were there till 3:00 then me and Mom has to come back to my other uncle’s house which was near Airport so that we can reach on time for our flight that was on the same morning by 8:00. I was so sleepy and I went to sleep where Mom didn’t sleep at all cause it was almost 4:00 in the morning, she woke me up by 6:00 and we went to Airport there we waited for a long time till they announced the boarding and we (Mom and me) came to Herat City safe and happy, but very tired and sleepy too, as we reached home we went to sleep and when Mom wakes me up it was 8:30 pm :D yeah a hell of a sleep we had that day. We both came early because I have to make arrangements for the groom and bride and other relatives who are gonna come the next day to Herat City, so did all the arrangements and happily they also came back to Herat City with my sister in law. The wedding and all other things went so nice and smooth.

After few days I came back to India, and now I am here in Hyderabad, India and missing them so much.